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Samsung unveils April 2022 security patch details 

At the end of last month, Samsung launched a new April 2022 security patch, while the Galaxy S22 series became the earliest receiver. While the latest release of security fixes began last month, Samsung has just distributed the details of the April 2022 fixes to Galaxy consumers.

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According to Samsung, the April 2022 security patch brings fixes for various CVEs from Google, including 27 high, 18 moderate, and no critical CVE mentioned in detail. At the same time, Samsung’s previous software updates have already fixed 6 vulnerabilities, while 4 are not applicable.

Samsung self repair services

Below you can check the details of the CVEs patch with the One UI April 2022 security patch update.


  • None


  • CVE-2020-29368, CVE-2021-39685, CVE-2021-39686, CVE-2021-39698, CVE-2021-3655, CVE-2021-35088, CVE-2021-35103, CVE-2021-35105, CVE-2021-35117, CVE-2021-30328, CVE-2021-30329, CVE-2021-30332, CVE-2021-30333, CVE-2021-39694,
  • CVE-2021-0694, CVE-2021-39794, CVE-2021-39795, CVE-2021-39796, CVE-2021-39797, CVE-2021-39798, CVE-2021-39799, CVE-2021-39803, CVE-2021-39804, CVE-2021-39808, CVE-2021-39805, CVE-2021-39809, CVE-2022-0847


  • CVE-2021-1027, CVE-2021-1028, CVE-2021-1029, CVE-2021-1001, CVE-2021-1002, CVE-2021-1018, CVE-2021-0973, CVE-2021-0769, CVE-2021-0992, CVE-2021-0987, CVE-2021-1005, CVE-2021-1014, CVE-2021-1015, CVE-2021-1007, CVE-2021-1023, CVE-2021-1026, CVE-2021-1034, CVE-2021-1022

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2021-1942, CVE-2021-35110, CVE-2021-1950, CVE-2021-1009, CVE-2021-1032, CVE-2021-1011

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-20047, CVE-2022-20048, CVE-2022-20053, CVE-2021-35106

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