SAMSUNG Galaxy A23

Samsung targeted to gain 40% shares for mid range phone in Q2 2022

Samsung is without a doubt the world leader in King of Budget and Premium parts. The announcement of five new featured A-Series lines in the Indian market covers a total of 12 different models in its A-Series phones, priced in the range of 20K to 45K.

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‘Decan Herald’ is a Samsung Electronics marketing team leader in India, Mr. Aditya Babbar said when launching this new Galaxy A series in Bengaluru. With the introduction of this new A-series, he said, the company will achieve a 40% market share in the average smartphone market in India by the end of the second quarter of 2022.

SAMSUNG Galaxy A23

From its current position, the Korean tech giant maintains 28% of the market share in this medium to low telephone market in India. The company aims to offer smartphones at a lower price in India.

We can clearly see that the average quality of the smartphone segment has grown tremendously in recent years. All of this was due to factors such as the increased use and availability of upgrade updates for OEMs that contributed to continued growth.

A technician and enthusiast say that the new product really makes sense in India’s price-sensitive market. Samsung often provides what smartphone users want and is constantly working to make it happen, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.