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Samsung owned the title of No. 1 TV manufacturer worldwide

Samsung was announced as the No.1 TV manufacturer for 2022 and has received this award for sixteen consecutive years. He was awarded this award as the leader in innovation, which puts Samsung at the forefront of the global TV industry.

According to market research firm ‘Omdia,’ Samsung has announced the list and has a current market share of 19.8 percent. Overall, global TV shipments to reach 217 million units in the current year 2022.

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Samsung says looking back over the last 16 years the company has incorporated groundbreaking new technologies while spanning multiple categories they have reached a wide range of consumers.

Samsung NEO TV

In 2022, Samsung expects to maintain its industry-leading market position with the introduction and expansion of core products and by incorporating proprietary technology and features across all the TV lineups.

Samsung has been working with organic OLEDs and its new Neo QLED line, as well as MICRO, LED, and other TVs. They also include a new portable screen, a Freestyle projector, and more.

The company is improving its position through long-term service. Since 2013 Samsung has also been involved in research and development activities.

That also helps them in developing products and strengthening the local business community and also applying them to its core role and the latest technology. Meanwhile, other urban competitors such as LG Electronics also hold second place, but it lags behind Samsung.

At the same time, Samsung is now experimenting with two-in-one PC monitors such as the Smart Monitor M8, which are highly designed to complement your home and office with comfort and convenience.