Samsung One UI 4.1 Tip: How to use Nearby Share on your Galaxy phone?

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Like Apple AirDrop, Google released Social Sharing for Android members a few years ago. It makes it easy for users to share content with other Android devices through a simple and straightforward process.

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Since Nearby sharing uses a device-to-image transfer process, it allows you to share content without a Wi-Fi connection. When changing content, Near Share automatically selects the best protocol for speed and efficiency, whether it’s Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Power, or Wi-Fi Direct.

This allows you to share content with other nearby Android devices instead of sending emails or newsletters. When you can not send information to other neighbors, you can share it with everyone on your list.

Files like videos, photos, documents, links, and social media posts will work with Nearby Share. It’s an easy and simple way to share files. Now you don’t have to compromise with poor quality by sharing pictures from any third-party application.

Google Nearby Share is now available on all Samsung devices running Android 6.0. In this article, we’ll see how to use Nearby Share on your One UI 4.1-based Samsung smartphone. If you also need some suggestions on how to use this feature, head over to the steps mentioned below.

How to use Nearby Share on Samsung phones?

  • Open your quick settings panel by swiping down from the top of the screen.
    Long-press Nearby Share.
  • Enable Nearby Share by toggling it on.
  • Tap Device Visibility. Here, you can choose to share with all of your contacts or select them individually.
    • The person you wish to share with will also need to activate Nearby Share on their phone.
  • When you’d like to share content from an app, you can just tap the Share icon. Nearby Share will appear at the top of the Share screen.
  • Choose the contact you’d like to share content with and point at their phone. A blue circle will appear around your contact’s name when you point at them.
  • Tap your contact’s name to start transferring.
    • To receive the file, your contact must tap Accept on their device. Received files can be found in the Notifications menu.
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