Samsung One UI 4.1 privacy feature comparison with Android 13, iSO 15, Oxygen 12, MIUI 13, ColorOS 12, EMUI 12

samsung one ui privacy feature

Google Android 12 comes with a number of new privacy features, including a new privacy control screen, camera indicator, and microphone entry, and the ability to display location estimates with switches and applications to enable/disable the camera and microphone.

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Samsung has combined all of these features into One UI 4, the latest version of the custom skin based on Android 12, but the implementation is a little different. If you’ve got the latest Galaxy S22 series device or you have a Samsung phone with One UI 4.0 or higher (One UI 4.1).

Samsung One UI 4.1 – Privacy Feature

Samsung One UI 4.1 allows users to access all the new privacy settings on their Galaxy devices by going to the Privacy section of the Settings app. Samsung’s execution of new privacy features is a little different. One UI 4.1 on the Galaxy S22 Ultra integrates into the core privacy settings instead of emphasizing Android 12’s new privacy dashboard feature.

As shown in the Privacy Dashboard on Google Pixel devices running Android 12, all authorization usage information appears at the top of the Privacy Settings on Galaxy devices running One UI 4.1. The graph shows the number of apps that have been accessing the camera, microphone, and device location permissions for the past 24 hours.

Android 13 (Beta) – Privacy Feature

Google’s Android 12 may be in the process of being released for smartphones and tablets, but the company is already working on Android 13. The company announced the first developer preview for the operating system in February, with updates expected every month until July, after which a final release is expected.

Android 13 is the next major version of Google’s mobile operating system and has already launched two developer previews. Android 13 is a big update for 2022, and Google is adding more privacy functionality. In the second DP, Google adds a new quick settings shortcut to your privacy controls and security settings.

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The Security & Privacy button will be available in Quick Settings after you get the latest version. It does not turn anything on or off, but it does link you to a new menu with a mic, camera, and toggles for location access. This new button is labeled “Check Status”. Below the toggles, the new menu also gives you a link to the phone security settings.

iOS 15 – Privacy Feature

Talking about the Apple iOS 15 Privacy feature, which helps users better control and manage access to their data. As the company continues to expand its commitment to privacy with features such as app tracking transparency and privacy nutrition labels in the App Store, these features represent the latest innovations in Apple’s privacy oversight.

iOS 15 also comes with some additional features for users. With share current location users can easily share their current location with the app without giving the developer further access after that session. And the Advanced Photos limited library access, developers can provide smart functionality such as the recent photos folder for specific albums, even if the user is granted limited access.

OxygenOS 12 – Privacy Feature

Last year, OnePlus officially released the stable version of the OxygenOS 12 update for its eligible devices, and this custom UI is based on Android 12. This latest version comes with many new changes to the overall users’ interface. But with the new Privacy dashboard and the advanced camera and microphone access toggles users can feel very safe and secure.

You will receive a “dot” notification at the top right to indicate that your camera or microphone has been accessed. Extending the notification shade and tapping the small icon will bring up another pop-up indicating which apps have recently accessed the hardware on your device. It’s great for responsiveness and it’s very useful to be able to block access to the microphone and camera with the notification shade toggle tap.

MIUI 13 – Privacy Feature

Now coming to another Chinese customer UI, MIUI 13 it also has some new features and performance enhancements, including new privacy features, a new system font, a bunch of cool wallpapers, and an optimized version for tablets. Xiaomi has also worked to make MIUI 13 more secure for end-users with new features such as Face Verification Protection, Privacy Watermark, and Fraud Protection.

ColorOS 12 – Privacy Feature

ColorOS 12 is also based on the Android 12 operating system offered by Google. And custom UI also offers the latest privacy enhancements. Users can find new features such as a privacy dashboard, microphone, and camera indicators, and approximate location sharing. In addition to integrating these Android 12 features, ColorOS 12 has its own privacy tool called Anti-Peeping Notifications.

EMUI 12 – Privacy Feature

EMUI 12 includes new features that enhance the user experience. On the other hand, the new EMUI 12 improves the security features to help you to manage your phone in a secure manner. The new EMUI 12 security features include several new enhancements to the system to provide a better user experience.

New compact features have been added to the software that allows you to set your watch as a trusted device for your phone for added security. When connected, you can unlock the phone via the Face Unlock feature.

What’s the conclusion?

Android is an open-source OS known for its customizable nature. OEMs typically develop their own custom skins that run on Android to differentiate the UI on their phones from many devices on the market.

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Likewise, in the overall experience of One UI 4.1’s Privacy features, Samsung has done a great job. Your Galaxy smartphone provides convenient privacy settings for keeping things like your app usage, location data, and passwords better protected.

Well, I know that you will still give preference to Samsung One UI 4.1 privacy features. If not, let us know, which OEM’s Privacy features you like the most through the comments section and social media.

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