Samsung honored with ENERGY STAR Partner Award for its product innovation

Recently, on 5 May 2022.  ‘The Energy Star’ is committed to environmental protection and has won two ‘Energy Star Awards’ for 2022. The first one is the Partner of the Year Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the second one is from the U.S Department of Energy (DOE).

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Samsung is honored for its outstanding contribution to protecting the environment from its product innovation, and its efforts to achieve energy efficiency in its operations. We have seen a few days ago Samsung has been awarded the ‘Carbon Reduction Certificate‘ for its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases that are emitted during the product manufacturing.

Moreover, Samsung has used 30% of its waste material to produce a new product. Because if we use recycled raw material, the need for fresh raw materials which we collect from nature decreases. This helps the environment to catch up and does not let it exploit for sources.

This is Samsung’s ninth award for energy management. The award which Samsung has grabbed shows that it’s continuously putting lots of effort into obtaining energy efficiency in operations and product management.

Samsung is presently working on powering all its facilities with renewable sources of energy. It has been progressively reducing energy consumption and its dependability on non-renewable sources of energy. The company is regularly working for a meaningful change.

The Energy STAR Program is the United States’ dedicated effort since 1992 to save the climate, energy, and money for the past 30 years. This program every year recognizes various global platforms, businesses, and organizations for leading the world through energy-efficient products and services.

This platform has 500 Fortune partners, that are participating in the program to praise the effort of regular development and adoption of strategy which provides us with sustainable energy, during the industrial product building. You will be amazed to know that the program has jointly saved 5-trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity.