Samsung May 2023 update plan

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 won’t come with a dedicated S Pen slot

According to the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will be a lighter and thinner foldable phone. The under-development product reportedly weighs 250 grams, a reduction of 13 grams compared to the Z Fold4. When folded, the thickness is 13.4mm, which is also slightly reduced from the Fold4’s 14.2mm.

An unnamed insider claim that the South Korean tech giant is carrying out quality tests after setting the target values ​​for the weight and thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold5. The current testing prototype is reported to be 254 grams, which would further get another weight reduction before launch.

The report re-confirms that the company has applied a new waterdrop (droplet) hinge design in the Galaxy Z Fold5, ditching the conventional U-shaped hinge. The waterdrop hinge is a structure in which the display is rolled inside the main body like a waterdrop shape and wrinkles are formed widely.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Hinge

When the screen is folded, both sides come into contact without gaps, and the foldable phone can be made thinner. Considering the thickness and internal space, Samsung decided not to include the S Pen in this new foldable smartphone.

The company is rapidly focusing on popularizing foldable phones to break through the saturated smartphone market. In 2022, Samsung sold about 10 million units and plans to increase sales by more than 10 percent this year.