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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 suddenly disconnecting from phones 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Pro are the most popular and richest smartwatches on the market. The long-awaited Google Assistant feature was recently introduced to devices.

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Meanwhile, Galaxy Watch 4 users are griping about battery consumption and poor tracking accuracy. It is not enough, this watch has a major issue that some users have encountered.

Many watch users use social media platforms to reveal that Watch 4 is not connected to the phone. Even if you try to reconnect several times, it will not work because neither device recognizes the other. Customers say that when they click on Add, they are asked to pair their watch the same way they would pair it with a new phone.

The reason behind the problem is not yet clear. Some users say the problem occurred suddenly, while others report that the problem occurred after the Google Assistant feature was installed on their watch.

They believe it is necessary to perform a hard reset of the clock to solve the problem. This is really scary for those who do not download the backup.

Galaxy Watch

In addition, Wear OS and Android Wear watches do not provide the fastest experience ever when using the Google Assistant. It’s also a pity to hear about performance issues affecting the services of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series.