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Samsung Galaxy S24 FE spotted in software update, signals imminent arrival

Key Points:

  • The existence of the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE has been confirmed through firmware spotted on OTA servers.
  • The development process for the European model is already underway, suggesting that its release is imminent.
  • Envisioned features include better chipset options and improvements to the camera and display.

Samsung fans are very happy that the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE is going to be released as the existence of the phone has been confirmed by a recent software update from Samsung. The yet-to-be-seen smartphone from Samsung’s Fan Edition line is believed to have already been found in OTA servers, leading to much buzz about its upcoming appearance.

Tech spies led by Tarunwats/x were quick to locate the firmware for a Galaxy device that was not released yet and had the model number SM-S721B, which was predicted to be the Galaxy S24 FE. This discovery not only proves the existence of the device but also suggests that Samsung is already working on software for the European version of the device.

The Galaxy S24 FE is considered to be a more affordable option than the S24 series and is expected to have similar features to the S24 series but at a lower budget. The Galaxy S24 FE is likely to be powered by the Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, making it a competitive option. The European version is expected to come with Exynos processors, which will respond to regional tastes.

The Galaxy S24 FE will likely boost camera technology and display quality, as well as follow the path of its predecessors, thus, it will be able to bring improvements in several areas. Gadget participants expect the device to have a better picture and display with a higher-resolution OLED panel, better brightness, and the new design of the S24 series, but with thicker bezels.

Currently, there is talk of a Galaxy S24 FE, but Samsung is said to be working on more surprises for fans, including the possible launch of the Galaxy Watch FE. Still, speculation about the FE foldable, which was rumored to be foldable, remains unclear as the report suggests that Samsung is now back to reviewing its plans for the device.

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