Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen doesn’t have ‘missing S Pen detection feature’

Just like Samsung S Pen Pro has a feature that can be detected after missing and lost via the Find My Device or through the Samsung SmartThings application, you can easily locate your missing S Pen. As it is very small in size so it’s normal to lose it put it somewhere and forget.

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With S Pen Pro you can detect your S Pen location easily,  but in Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Pen doesn’t have such a feature. As per the user report if S22 Ultra smartphone users miss places  S22 Ultra S Pen then there is no way to detect or locate a missing S Pen.

The maybe S Pen Pro actually has a Mac address where applications like the Samsung Smart Finder can find Samsung Galaxy devices. The S pen should also have a Mac address, so it should be traceable like the S pen Pro.

Also, Spen’s software seems to have to be updated manually in The S pen application. So the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can be integrated into the Samsung Smart Things application.

You can update your S pen via:

Also To Update the Spen’s Software

  • Open the settings for
  • Advanced features
  • Spen
  • About S pen
  • Spen Software update