Samsung S Pen

Here’s How to find lost S Pen Pro of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Those Samsung Galaxy devices that have S Pen Pro support are just like magic want, they make your working superior, faster, and better and you can create a new era for your smartphone. It is Also useful for Air Action, which can be activated the moment you pull out the S Pen Pro.

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But if you lost or lost your Magic Wand (S Pen) and you don’t know where you put it, how can you find it? Calm down first. We provide a solution to quickly find the last S Pen Pro.

You can easily track your S Pen Pro registered in the SmartThings app on your Galaxy phone. The SmartThing app feature helps you find your lost S Pen. Follow the guide below to learn how to find your S Pen.

Samsung S Pen

Here is how to register S Pen Pro with the SmarThings app:

  • Open SmartThings app
  • Tap on the Plus icon at the top right
  • Long press the connect button on your S pen ( 3sec )
  • You’re done!

How to find S Pen Pro:

  • Open SmartThings App
  • Tap on Find device
  • The map displayed should include the location of your S Pen pro.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view detailed information, such as an approximate location