samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 holds another world record by supporting Vo5G technology!

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is a smartphone that has pro-grade features and capabilities that are not offered by any other smartphone. Now it is reported that the Galaxy S22 will be the one and only device that features the Voice over 5G technology.

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As per the information,  the Galaxy S22 claims to provide improved call quality in the supported area. The Vo5G technology is an essential successor to the existing VoLTE feature. Vo5G is definitely an advanced and upgraded technology over the VoLTE that most mobiles feature as a standard today.

Moreover, the Vo5G technology is launched recently in Kuwait as Zaid Kuwait. It’s a network operator in the country that has rolled out the feature on supported devices, and Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra are the only smartphones to have the support for this feature.

samsung Galaxy S22

So, if you have the Samsung Galaxy S22 and series phones, then you are utmost lucky to have such a device with you, that even iPhone 13 cannot provide you. We can see S22 as a clear winner.

However, the Galaxy S22 has already broken lots of records. Initially, when launched, created a record to be the fastest million-seller smartphone. Surprisingly, even faster than its old predecessors. Additionally, let me tell you all the upcoming premium Samsung smartphones will have this Vo5G feature as standard.