samsung Micro LED

Samsung delayed production of 89-inch Micro-LED TVs to Q3

Samsung’s 89-inch micro LED TV mass production was moved back to the third quarter. Initially, the company is expected to mass-produce 89-inch and 101-inch micro LED TVs in May. The 89-inch model has been delayed and the 101-inch model has not yet set a date for mass production.

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The replacement, PCB-based 99-inch micro LED TV, which was extended from last year to this year, will be mass-produced in the second quarter. According to the thelect report, it is expected that the mass production of the 89-inch Micro Light-Emitting Diode (LED) TV, which Samsung first planned for mass production in May, will be delayed. by quarter.

samsung Micro LED

The 101-inch model scheduled for mass production along with the 89-inch model has not set a massive production date. Although it was not unveiled at CES earlier this year, it is unclear whether this year’s new micro LED TV lineup will be as massive as the 114-inch model along with the 89-inch and 101-inch models. Produces.

Samsung’s 89-inch, 101-inch, and 114-inch products will form the micro-LED TV lineup this year, implementing a glass substrate-based low-temperature polycrystalline silicon film (TFT). By using LTPS TFTs, individual driving circuits can be implemented in micro LEDs with smaller screens.

Earlier this year at CES, Samsung introduced 89-inch, 101-inch and 110-inch micro LED TVs. The 89-inch and 101-inch models had new product lineups this year and the 110-inch model was released last year. Among the new product lineup this year, the 114-inch model was not unveiled at CES at the time.

Following the release of the 110-inch Micro LED TV early last year, Samsung announced the release of the 99-inch model and the 70-80-inch model in March and April of the same year. Years, but all but the 110-inch model were canceled.