Samsung creators reveals Galaxy S23 series design story

Samsung Galaxy S23 series needs no introduction. In just a month, all three devices have gained huge success in the market, especially the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Recently, Samsung Newsroom talked to the creators of the Galaxy S23 series to get to know the design story.

Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S23 series’ distinct design came about (via SammyFans):

Design theme – “Create the Essentials”

If too many unnecessary details are incorporated, resources can be wasted during the production process, so Samsung Galaxy S23 creators decided to retain only the bare essential design features, based on the true identity of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S series is a product lineup built on the true essence of what premium design can be. For the Galaxy S23 series, we deliberated extensively on what elements would not only make for a great design but also how they would impact the world at large.

Samsung S23 design story

Signature design

Vanilla and Plus Galaxy S23 variants introduce thin bezels that are slim and balanced on all sides for users to better focus on their screens, while a curved metal frame both protects the screen and provides the user with a comfortable grip.

Adding to this, the camera contour cut design seen on the last year’s Galaxy S22 and S22+ was removed, and all three models of the Galaxy S23 series are now equipped with a single camera design to deliver even more consistency across the lineup.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra brings reduced side edges and extended flat surfaces even further. It not only provides a better grip but also provides more space in which the S Pen can be utilized and ultimately maximize the benefits of the large screen.

Samsung S23 design story

Camera’s distinct design

Samsung believes the camera design of a device has become a powerful way to distinguish a product and express brand identity. The Galaxy S23 series camera layout has stayed the same since the Galaxy S21 series in order to foster a unique design identity.

Meanwhile, the external part of the camera is a glossy metal while the internal parts have been processed with smooth hairlines to convey the camera’s powerful performance. The design of the inner elements, including the form, texture, and color, is inspired by traditional camera lenses.

Colors are inspired by nature

The Galaxy S23 series comes in four colors that are based on a concept Samsung calls “Shades of Nature”. The Green shade is reminiscent of a tranquil forest while Phantom Black embodies the silent strength of nature, and the bright Cream shade is warming to look at while Lavender captures the energetic nature of everyday life.

Besides, the company developed four additional colors under the concept of “Shades in Dream”. Exclusively available on, the Lime, Skyblue, Red, and Graphite provide online customers with some upbeat and futuristic shades.

You can read the entire design story at Samsung Newsroom.