Samsung constantly releasing June 2022 security updates, but Google still dormant

Surprisingly, last week Samsung started distributing the June 2022 security update like a bulletin board. More intuitively, updates are not sent for flagship or newer smartphones. Initially, an update was released for the Galaxy Tab S7 series in Europe.

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The latest June 2022 Android Security Patch Update for Galaxy Tab S7 aims to improve the security and stability of the device. At that time, the changelog for the update did not add any notable changes and features, and likewise, expect other updates to bring some fixes for many issues and exploits.

In a recent development, the company today unveiled the June 2022 security update for users of the Galaxy S21 series in Europe. It’s a bit disappointing that the Samsung Security Updates page hasn’t been updated yet. Meanwhile, we assume that the company will solve any problems you have with your smartphone.

Google is the maker of Android security patches and Google Pixel devices still running on the May 2022 security patch. Samsung has always won the race to release security patches and still leads the way with the June 2022 security update.

Soon it will release in June 2022 security patch for other devices gradually in different regions. What’s your opinion on this, share your thought with us.