keep WhatsApp more secure

How to make WhatsApp more secure

WhatsApp is an application that needs no introduction. Everyone is aware of why it is being used, what it provides, and its importance in their daily life.

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Messages are said to be end-to-end encrypted but still, there are several things you should know or do to keep your WhatsApp more secure than ever. In this article, we will tell you 4 tips to keep WhatsApp secure.

Privacy feature

While it allows users considerable control, WhatsApp is not the most private messenger on the market. You can choose who can see your last seen, profile photo, bio, status, and live location.

You can also remove the blue checkmark from receipts, by choosing to disable read receipts. Just go to Settings, select Account, and then choose Privacy. By making choices that make you feel safe, you can adjust a few times from here.

Use Whatsapp desktop instead of a Web app

To use WhatsApp on a computer, you need to sync your phone with WhatsApp Web or the desktop apps. It is suggested that you should use an official desktop application instead of a web app to be more secure. The primary reason for this is that WhatsApp Web can be hacked easily.


Due to its status as instant communication, WhatsApp sometimes exposes users to scammers. To avoid some of the popular scams you should be aware of them. WhatsApp is a free app to use, as we all know. Instead of charging, it provides all its features in its free form.

The most typical scam involves charging for WhatsApp usage. You can receive notifications about the termination of your account or the WhatsApp Premium version of the texting service. The purpose of the scam is to trick you into paying for WhatsApp, but you should never do that.

Disable Cloud Backup

One drawback to end-to-end encryption is when you back up WhatsApp chats to Google Drive or iCloud. You can access your past messages if you decide to reinstall them in the future.How to restore deleted photos WhatsApp

However, the backup is not encrypted, so you should disable it if you are really concerned about your privacy. Keep in mind that using Apple and Google to store your data may not be completely secure.

In order to stop automatic cloud backups:

  • Go to WhatsApp if you use iPhone and tap Settings then go to Chats then select Chat Backup and then tap on Auto Backup.
  • On Android mobile: you need to go to WhatsApp’s menu, then Settings, then Chats, then Backup to Google Drive, and select Never.

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