Samsung Business Majority calls for pardoning Lee Jae-Yong

Samsung chairman Lee Chan-hee had a  meeting with the top executives of Samsung Group affiliates at the office in Seoul, South Korea. He called for Samsung Group’s chief Lee Jae Yong to be pardoned.

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Lee Chan hee said this because the vacant leadership position is leaving the country’s largest conglomerate to suffer at times when the external business environment surrounding the giant chipmaker is rapidly changing.

Further, he says that if the top management of Samsung is not able to manage the group properly, they will have to suffer a lot. So, he wants the government should take the decision according to the people and the majority.

The business fraternity is raising its voice and calling on the government to pardon Lee as he is not legally allowed to return to the management due to five years of employment ban until 2027. Because he was found guilty of doing the fraud of 500 million won.

However we can see that the semiconductor chip has become a strategic tool for the United States and China to be competent in the technology. Looking at this some members of the group agree that the South Korean government should pardon Lee in order to increase the foreseeable business opportunity that could lead the way for Samsung in business decisions.