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Samsung Bixby should support more language with upcoming One UI 5.0

Like the Google assistant service for the Android phone, Samsung Galaxy users have their own build association native to Samsung, it is a voice assistant which let you use voice commands to get stuff done. You can assist by using text and lick too.

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It works with all Samsung applications and a few third-party apps like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, and Youtube. Moreover, the Bixby service availability may vary depending on many countries but there is a loophole with this application.

The Bixby Assistant recognizes in selected languages like Korean and English, which result in the user’s dissatisfaction with this application as now every one family with these languages. If the application is supported for the different regions it should be supported for different languages too.

Google Assistant supports multiple languages as per the convenience of the user, they can calculate their own language but in Samsung Bixby, this may not be the case and this may be the reason why even big of being Galaxy users Samsung Google Assistant instead of Bixby. like to choose.

samsung twitter bixby

Notably, The recent One UI 4.1 update also does not bring support for multiple languages. The company should add more languages in Bixby with One UI 5 and then become more reliable to use for the Samsung Galaxy users