Samsun 5G

Samsung and Virgin Media O2 collaborate to conduct 4G and 5G trails in UK

Samsung and Virgin Media O2 recently announced the successful completion of the expansion of multiple Live 4G and 5G sites in the UK, taking the next step in their collaboration. With this expansion, the company also completed the first 5G data call on Virgin Media O2’s commercial 5G network using the site.

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Starting this year – Tamworth conducts joint field trials in areas of England’s Peak District. They took part in successful laboratory tests carried out in October 2021, which confirmed the capabilities and performance of Samsung’s 4G and 5G solutions on Virgin Media O2’s commercial network.

In addition, this field test demonstrated the interoperability between Virgin Media O2’s 2G/3G/4G network and Samsung’s latest 4G and 5G solutions and certified Samsung Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) capabilities for use when needed.

Samsun 5G

Samsung offers its latest network of solutions – including 4G radios, 5G giant MIMO radios, and baseband units – for testing. The solutions cover a wide range of Virgin Media O2’s spectrum holdings, from low- to mid-band (800MHz, 2.1GHz, and 3.5GHz).

In particular, Samsung distributed its 5G 64T64R heavy MIMO radios for the 3.5GHz spectrum, a major 5G spectrum band for the operator network.

Samsung’s massive 5G MIMO radio 64T64R has expanded its commercial operations in global markets, now providing mobile services to millions of users. This solution, combined with Samsung’s baseband block, provides better coverage and higher throughput to improve the quality of service for 5G mobile customers.

Leads to the successful delivery of end-to-end 5G solutions including Samsung chipsets, radios, and cores. Through continuous research and development, Samsung continues to advance the industry with its market-leading portfolio of products from fully virtualized RAN and core to private network solutions and AI-based automation tools to 5G networks.