Samsung Neo

Samsung and Nifty collaborate to develop world’s first Smart TV compatible with NFT platform 

Samsung has always been known for its advanced technology and constantly experimenting with new research and development in its industry. Samsung and Nifty Gateway recently teamed up to create the world’s first NFT Smart TV platform.

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Samsung has announced that the New Nifty Gateway will be included in Samsung’s premium TVs by 2022, including the QLED and Neo QLED TVs. Speaking more here Samsung has said it will release an independent app that will be available on Samsung’s The Frame and MICRO LED TVs.

Samsung Neo

This platform, which is developed in collaboration with Samsung and Nifty Gateway, will allow users to access the NFT home business, where you will find top artists and also discovers, buys, and sells digital art and their art.

Duncan Cock Foster, the founder of Nifty Gateway, said, “Our mission is to make the world of NFT accessible to millions of people. At the same time, we provide an opportunity for artists to present and give them operations. With our platform, purchasing, building, and maintaining NFTs is easier than ever. ”

What does this new Partnership bring?

Samsung partnering with the NFT marketplace brings new features to its Smart TV gives you instant access to

  • Verified Digital Art – NFTs are coined through Gifty Gateway that guarantees to provide quality content.
  • The Latest Custody Technology – Nifty Gateway has a custody option. This means you can store your NFTs in a secure Nifty Gateway or Omnibus wallet.
  • Payment Flexibility –  Here you can purchase NFT through various methods, such as debit cards, credit cards, or cryptocurrency.

Know more about Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a platform where you can easily buy sell and store digital art and collectibles, which is also known as nifty or NFTs. The Company was founded in 2018 by Ducan and Griffin Cock Foster and acquired by Gemini, which is a similar platform for selling and storing bitcoins.