Samsung One UI 5.0 Themed Icons

One UI 5.0 will also apply themed icons to Google and third-party apps

Samsung just released the third One UI 5.0 beta update for the Galaxy S22 series of devices. This update allows users to apply themed icons to compatible Samsung, Google and third-party apps. Before, themed icons could only be applied to One UI apps.

Several Samsung apps gained support for Themed Icons, while Google has also published monochrome design apps. The US tech giant has already encouraged app developers to publish their apps with an additional monochrome color so they can be changed with Themed Icons.

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Some third-party apps, like WhatsApp, Reddit, Telegram, and Pinterest, have themed icons. The Galaxy S22 series devices look like a Pixel phone with Samsung, Google, and third-party app icons when the user has the themed app icons feature.

Samsung may have used the Themed Icons library in the stock launcher app, One UI Home, to make changes and make themed icons possible on non-Samsung apps from Google and third-party developers.

In addition to themed icons, One UI 5.0 beta 3 brings a new Wallpapers section [download here] with additional graphical and color wallpaper collections. System animations are now better than they were in earlier builds, while Samsung needs to improve further before making it public.

Various third-party apps now have Themed Icons support, including Dashlane, Brave Browser, American Express, Pinterest, Reddit, Whatsapp (Beta), 1Password 8, Pano Scrobbler, Bitwarden, Element Messenger, Fotmob, Genius Scan, Inware, LinkedIn, Pocket, Pocket Casts, Relay for Reddit, Repainter, and many more.


Themed Icons:

Android 13’s Themed Icons feature makes your phone’s home screen even more unique and cohesive to your style. The feature works on the Material You and Dynamic Theming engine, which creates Color Palettes for the customization of UI elements.

Google told app developers they could add themed app icons. This feature changes the app icons in supported Android launchers to match the user’s chosen wallpaper and other themes.