One UI 4.1 based Samsung Calculator App

Samsung Calculator is a company’s official app that provides a simple and elegant interface and has a wide range of features. Here you can perform the four fundamental and engineering calculations. It is a wider platform that not only does perfect calculations but also keeps the calculation history.

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The Calculator application facilitates you to view the last twenty calculations that are done by you and is equipped with a unit converter, by which you can easily do unit conversions. It has numerous measurable and conversion units such as length, Area, Temperature, Volume, Mass, Data, Speed, Time, and more.

In the app info section, you are fully eligible to set permission, allow notification, set App timer, and make it a default application. It even facilitates you to remove the permissions if the app remains unused. You can keep this app either on the Edge Panel or the Home screen of the interface.

The application’s on-screen numeric keypad makes it pleasurable to type the numbers without making any sound, although if you like it, you can continue with the tapping or popping sound, I like to type silently. Previously they were truly horrible there is no way to turn them off. Thank for the new update, everything seems to be quite normal now. Many users have the same view the touch sound disturbs them a lot.

We enjoy and love using this application because it does not show any kind of product advertisements as we see with most the applications. You will not see any kind of promotional ads because this is a stock application that is provided with the initial software package of your Samsung smartphone that keeps on updating regularly as the major or patch level update arrives. We are expecting to see some changes in the application interface with the upcoming UI.