samsung galaxy buds live update

How to use Active Noise Canceling feature on Galaxy Buds Live

One UI 4.1 enables Galaxy Buds Live to reduce unnecessary disturbances while letting the important stuff through like voices and announcements. We call this popularly as ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). Which gives you the power to tune in without tuning out. This feature can be enabled on Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Bud Pro.

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You can use the active noise canceling feature on your Samsung Galaxy Buds Live to stay away from a noisy environment. You are fully eligible to block out the external sound around you. So that you can concentrate on the task you are performing, and one of the most interesting things is that there is no need to raise the volume.

With One UI 4.1 users can freely use the active noise cancellation feature to avoid distraction, such as when listening to music. Inside the Galaxy Buds Live, there are AKG tuned speakers, that are specially manufactured to play it all. The air lets the air vent easily so that you can feel a vibration in every beat.

Now you can focus on better hearing. ANC filters the low pitch sound but allows the high pitch sound like human voices.

samsung galaxy buds live update

How to Active Noise Canceling feature on Galaxy Buds Live?

You can activate the Active Noise cancellation, just by following Two easy methods:

Simply Tap and Hold controls: Simply touch and hold your wireless headsets for seconds, this will activate the ANC. As soon as you activate ANC you will see that the external sound is blocked. In case you want to deactivate the function, touch on your Galaxy buds one more time.

To set the ANC feature using your Galaxy device:

  • First of launch the Galaxy Wearable  App
  • Toggle to ON and activate the noise-canceling feature

Points to take care of:

  • If the earbuds are not connected to the mobile device, the connection pop-up window will not appear
  • If the earbuds do not connect to the mobile device, hold the touchpad of both the earphones.
  • After that, you will enter the Bluetooth pairing mode manually.
  • Always remember to sign in to your Samsung Account, before you start using your Galaxy buds. This will let you synchronize the pairing information.

What to do if the sound from one earbud is noisy?

This is the most common problem that happens usually when the earbuds are not fit in your ears properly. So check for the correct fit this will give you the best sound and active noise canceling.

Let me tell you one more common mistake which people do, and I have seen many of them repeating the same, placing the earbuds in the incorrect ear. Means Left earbud to right and right earbud to left.