Samsung Electronics reportedly collaborating with Halsey

According to new information, Samsung Electronics has partnered with Halsey to bring ‘ So Good’ to life in a new video with the help of Samsung’s Freestyle, video shares the full story behind Halsey’s new single life and whole video-making experience.

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Samsung Electronics and the multi-platinum, genre-bending artist Halsey have recently announced their collaboration behind the just-released new music video for the artist’s new single ‘So Good, which is directed by Alev Aydin who is Hasley’s partner.

Vice President of the Home Entertainment Marketing for Samsung Electronics America Sarah Larsen, says that they loved the way how Halsey and Alve have used their new Freestyle to tell the story behind the song in such a unique way that has thrilled them to help the team to share their memories with the Fans.

Further, to bring this visual story to life Samsung Electronics teamed up and brought all the needed resources together for this project. The major equipment included the new Samsung projector, The Freestyle.

Samsung The Freestyle acted as the multi-facilitator for the directing and video-making team. As we all know alongside working as a smart projector it works as a Bluetooth sound source as well as a light source that can be freely connected to any device to hear the acoustic and ear-pleasuring sound that is powered by Dolby Atmos.

However, Samsung partnering with the singer shows that it cares to share the people’s vision, giving them all the creativity along with the freedom which they need in making something of which the user might be really proud.