Google Calendar

How to Adjust Google Calendar Layout

Google Calendar app is one of the pre-installed apps on Android phones which is useful in many ways. But it happens that many people do not like the design of the calendar as soon as they see it.

They want to modify it, but most of them are unaware that Google Calendar has a tool that allows users to change the calendar layout quickly.

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We will show you how to adjust the Google Calendar layout to your liking and we will also put some screenshots of the steps that need to be followed, it will help you to understand in an easy way.

The layout of the calendar can be modified using the app’s menu. If you want to see only the days with entries, you can select the schedule as the starting point.

If not, change your calendar to a daily, three-day, weekly or monthly calendar. You can also select from Chinese, Hebrew, Hijri, Indian, Korean and Persian calendars by going to Settings > General > Alternate Calendars.

With the help of this tip, you can modify the layout of your Google Calendar and use it efficiently.

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