Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

How to adjust flashlight brightness of your Samsung One UI 4.1 smartphone

Smartphone flashlight has numerous applications, not only in photography, not only as a flashlight but as an emergency or hazard light also. You can put the flashlight pattern so that it can be put to flicker again and again. With this feature, you can adjust the flashlight brightness of your smartphone very smartly.

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Samsung One UI 4.1 brought many new improvements and features to the existing user interface. One of them is the flashlight brightness. Although it got upgraded in the older version it still remains to be one of the interesting features. All of you have this feature on your phone but you are not completely aware of it.

One UI 4.1 adjustable flashlight brightness facilitates us in many different conditions, which directly lets us save and helps us to utilize the battery power in a better way. Suppose you are left with a minimalistic amount of battery, and at the same time want to use the flashlight in a form of a light source. With this feature, you are fully eligible to adjust the brightness accordingly as needed.

Additionally, the feature is helpful when you want to take photographs with a minimalistic amount of brightness. This feature is truly amazing when you need the flash to be turned on during taking snaps or clicks of nature or the outdoors where the light is available in huge quantity, but at the same time do not want to turn the flashlight off. Today we will tell you how to adjust the smartphone flashlight brightness.

How to Adjust Samsung One UI 4.1 Brightness?

  • Open the Notification Panel
  • Click on the torch icon
  • Put the Slider toggle to ON
  • Here the bottom of the screen features the option, to adjust the brightness at five different levels
  • Choose the level of brightness as needed

Be aware not to select the maximum level of brightness, unless exceptionally needed because they may cause low-temperature burns when in prolonged contact with the skin. Avoid leaving the torch turned on for an extended period. Let me tell you very clearly this is the only procedure to adjust the level of flashlight brightness on Samsung as well as other phones. So other smartphone users can also follow the above-mentioned steps.