Horizontal lines reportedly appearing on Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s display

Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 5 series on August 10 and started rolling it out to early buyers on August 26. Meanwhile, some users of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have reported problems with horizontal lines on the display.

Recently, a customer shared a video of his new Galaxy wearable on Reddit and expressed concern about the problem appearing on such an expensive smartwatch. We can clearly see in the video that the user’s Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is showing various horizontal lines on each page of the display, making the wearable difficult to use.

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The customer said that he tried different watch faces as well, resetting the watch to fix the problem, but there was no change on the screen. He also claims that he has not dropped the watch and there is no other damage, the problem arose suddenly yesterday.

Samsung Watch 5 Pro lines display

Sharing the concern, the user also asked others if there was a solution or whether it would have to be replaced. However, the clip shared by him clearly shows that it is a manufacturing defect. The problem doesn’t seem to be solvable so he has to replace the smartwatch.

At present, we have received one such report from the user. But this is a serious problem that the company should work on as soon as possible. You can watch the video on Reddit via the link below.

It is worth noting that earlier a Galaxy Z Fold 4 user had also reported the issue of vertical green lines on the cover display. The user then put the device in place to be replaced. On the other hand, the green lines on the Galaxy S20 display issue is also known.

Samsung should also be working on delivering better display quality despite the features and viewing options for the least expensive devices.

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