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Here’s when Samsung Galaxy S22 could get One UI 6 stable update in US 

Samsung has blessed some European Galaxy S22 users with the offerings of stable update of the latest software, meanwhile, the other country owners are still waiting in the queue. Here we will discuss when Samsung could release One UI 6 stable update for Galaxy S22 in the US.

Before that, it’s important to note that the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra users are already enjoying the latest offering in almost all the regions. However, the remaining will also get it soon. Simultaneously, the Galaxy S21 seems to be next in the queen to get the stable update.

As per the Samsung rollout strategy, it can be assumed that the Korean tech firm may seed Galaxy S22 smartphone users with the official One UI 6 version next week. At the same time, it may also happen that the firm takes longer than expected time, just like it did with the Galaxy S23 series.

So, currently, there is no official information available about the rollout of One UI 6 stable update for the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra devices in the US. We can only wait for the official announcement, as the firm needs some more time to optimize the stability of its software.

A few days back, the leaked One UI 6 schedule also made various Galaxy users excited as it showed a rollout timeline earlier than expected in Europe. However, that timeline was all fake and was later taken off from the community.

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