Here’s how to set up Samsung Find My Mobile Offline Tracking feature

Samsung Galaxy Find My device

It happens several times when you forgot your Galaxy smartphone or tablet somewhere or it has been stolen. So this Samsung Find My Mobile will help you locate your device. Not only this but if you have forgotten your phone’s password, the Find My Mobile will help unlock it as well.

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But you should be wondering whether this Find My Mobile works even when your phone is not connected to the network. So let me tell you that yes, Find My Mobile works offline too. You just have to enable some options, let’s see how.

Find My Mobile’s Offline finding feature uses other nearby Samsung phones to detect your phone, just like a Galaxy SmartTag would. If this sounds like a privacy nightmare to you, don’t worry as Samsung also offers an ‘Encrypt offline’ feature.

Here’s how to set up Samsung Find My Mobile Offline Tracking

  • Go to your Phone’s Settings.
  • Enter Biometrics and security.
  • Head over to Find My Mobile.
  • At last, you will see the Offline finding option.
  • Enable Offline finding.
  • Find My Mobile Offline finding
  • Also, enable Encrypt offline location.
  • You can find it under the Offline finding option.
  • You will have to set a 6-digit PIN that you can use to decrypt your phone’s offline location.
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