Samsung Wonderland update

Here’s how to set stunning wallpapers with Samsung Good Lock 2022 Wonderland

Samsung’s Good Lock is a one-stop-shop for all the customization you need on your One UI. This application has several useful modules that allow you to customize your phone user interface and create your own. A Good Lock module is Wonderland.

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Samsung Good Lock Wonderland module allows you to create photos in your home and lock screen. Once you start using it, you can see some presets to understand how it works. You can change presets or create new wallpapers from scratch.

You can apply multiple motions and effects to the top of the image. In addition, you can also place the video on top of your still image, or expand it, to allow the image to cover the entire screen, however, make sure you select the video that will not interfere with applications or jigsaw puzzles.

Samsung Wonderland update

Further, the best part about the feature is that it comes with a Preview option so that you can finalize your creation before applying the live wallpaper.

A few weeks ago, Samsung rolled out the Good Lock 2022 app updates to Android 12-based One UI 4 compatible Galaxy devices, which brings the ability to add a 3D effect to photos taken in portrait mode. All you have to do is set a photo taken in portrait mode in Wonderland as your wallpaper and it will add a 3D parallax effect between the subject and the background.

If you’re looking to make your screen look more lively, Wonderland is a great pick. The Wonderland module requires only one permission to access local images stored on your device storage. Let’s see how to set and create wallpapers with Samsung Wonderland.

Samsung Good Lock Wonderland

How to set wallpaper?

  • Open the Good Lock application on your Galaxy Device.
  • Go to the Family section.
  • Open the Wonderland Module and tap on the Start button.
  • Now, here you will several 3D wallpapers styles such as Alice, Cat, Landscape, and much more.
  • Select any of them that you like.
  • You can also have an option of Edit, select to change color and style as per your choice.
  • Finally, click on Set as Wallpaper, you can set it for the Home screen or also for both the home and lock screen.

How to create wallpaper?

  • Head over to the Good Lock application on your Galaxy Device.
  • Select the Family section.
  • Open the Wonderland Module and tap on the Start button.
  • Click on the Plus (+) icon.
  • Choose the image or video you want as wallpaper.
  • Edit it and click on Set as wallpaper.