How to Hide apps on your Samsung phone

Here’s how to resolve abnormal battery usage on Samsung phone

At the time of purchase, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users are deeply focused on the smartphone specification like battery performance and capacity, and more. But here is a point to note how long your smartphone battery last. The battery performance is the most important segment for your smartphone stability.

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Well, according to recent user reports, many of Samsung’s newer and older models have battery drain issues. Over time, significant older models have degraded as well, but why do newer launch phones also drain their battery?

The battery drains a bit faster right after purchase, and the new phone battery seems to drain faster than the old device after purchase because the user has to activate many applications and set various functions.

Check below to resolve your battery draining issue on your Samsung Galaxy phones

samsung galaxy S22 3

 Here’s how to optimize your battery:

  • Open the setting app, then ‘Battery and device care’
  • Click on Optimize now
  • Now the device care automatically optimizes your phone

Adjust Background usages limit:

  • Open setting, then ‘Battery and device care
  • Click on ‘Battery
  • Tap on Background usage limits
  • Set the app your want to control

Optimize individual apps:

  • Open Settings, and then select ‘Apps
  • Click ‘More Options’ [The three verticle dots on top of the screen]
  • Choose Special access
  • Tap on Optimize battery usage
  • Choose the App you want to optimize. Optimize apps to use less battery