Here are some amazing One UI 4.1-based image and video editing features for your Samsung phone

Many times there are changes in camera, performance, and battery characteristics that catch our attention, but there are other features that are lesser-known and make our day much easier. In this sense, Samsung brings users the best technology and creativity in every Galaxy device every year.

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From now on, the Galaxy S22 series includes enhanced image and image processing tools that make our content look like a pro when shared with family, friends, or our social network. Below we list One UI 4.1-based image and image processing features that you can find on your smartphone.

ONE ui 4.1 portait effect

Photo Remastering

Did you know that you can restore old photos with Artificial Intelligence? With the Photo Remastering feature, included in the Galaxy S22, you can improve the quality of dark, out-focus, or low-resolution images. This tool reduces blur, removes noise, and also increases the resolution of your images.

Object Eraser

When taking pictures, unwanted objects are sometimes captured. With the Object Eraser tool, you can easily remove unwanted people or objects from your Galaxy smartphone without using any editing apps.

Presentation Mode

Creating content that looks unique on social networks is now easy with this series, thanks to its innovative design. You can review the shots in your gallery in a different way and create a motion collage using the stored photos and videos.

Independent microphone control

With the Galaxy S22 series in a professional video function, it is now possible to play along with audio from the microphone. That way, you can control the volume of every microphone you have on the device. And with the Galaxy Buds, so you can accurately capture the sound you want in your videos.

Auto Framing

Having more people in the video and getting a better frame is no longer a problem. With Auto Framing, you can locate and track up to 10 people, and automatically adjust the camera focus so you can clearly capture all of them with advanced VDIS technology that reduces vibration so you get sharp, smooth images while on the go.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Image & Video Stabilizer

The cameras on the Galaxy S22 series are equipped with image stabilization sensors for both photos and videos! So you can get great shots without having to watch image jumps when you move and zoom. To get fluid in the video.

Single Take

With a single shot with a maximum of 20 seconds of recording, the device’s AI can capture still images, GIFs, hyperloop videos, and 14 different types of photos and videos. By making full use of the capabilities provided by the cameras.

Director’s Mode

With Director’s Mode, you no longer have to record your reaction to the action you are capturing, because you can use all the team cameras at once, play with the shot you want, and finally save the video, possibility to search separately if you want to use them in different situations.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Director's View

S Pen as Remote Control

You can now use the S Pen included in the Galaxy S22 Ultra as a remote control. With which you can play music, change the volume of the device, scroll through images in your gallery, and use it as a control. Also taking pictures from a distance for presentation and as shutters.

With these new One UI 4.1-based features, you will no longer need additional apps on your device and you will be able to get more from the Galaxy S22 series.