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Google Contacts app support now available for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Recently, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic users have started supporting the Google Contacts feature which earlier was not there. Weeks back Galaxy Watch 4 series also got access to the most-awaited Google Assistant feature in several countries.

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This latest Google Contacts app support on Galaxy Watch 4 allows users to sync all their smartphone contacts to their smartwatch if they’ve stored contacts in the Google Cloud before. You can easily find the contact by using the search option.

Moreover, the latest version doesn’t add many features to the Galaxy Watch 4, it doesn’t have anything beyond the above-mentioned features. Currently, with the Google Contacts app, you won’t create contact, edit/delete contact, add emails, categorize them, or label them.

Galaxy Watch

It is expected that the search giant will add new features to the app in future updates. You can download the Contacts app via the Google Play Store on your Galaxy Watch 4/ Classic.

However, Google has already revealed that the company will be bringing more apps and services to Samsung watches based on Wear OS 3, Google Assistant and Contacts app is one of them.

How to use Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

Firstly, you have to grant permission to connect the smartwatch to your Galaxy smartphone. Now, you have to follow these steps:

  • Activate Google Assistant.
  • Access your Assistant with “Hey Google”
  • Agree to Voice Match.
  • Saving audio is your choice.
  • Gets personal results on your watch.
  • Talk to your Assistant with a button.