Gemini gains independence: setting alarms and dark web monitoring for all

Key Points:

  • Gemini, Google’s AI assistant, will soon be able to set alarms and timers independently, without relying on Google Assistant.
  • Previously a Google One subscriber perk, dark web monitoring will be free for all Google account holders.
  • Both features highlight Google’s focus on user convenience and security.

This article unveils exciting developments for Gemini and Google account holders.

First, Gemini is about to become more self-sufficient. An APK teardown reveals Google’s work on a Clock tool extension specifically for Gemini. This extension will allow Gemini to set alarms and timers directly, eliminating its dependence on Google Assistant.

Second, Google is making a significant move towards democratizing security. The “Dark Web report” feature, previously exclusive to Google One subscribers in the US, will soon be available to all Google account holders. This feature scans the dark web for personal information and alerts you if it finds anything.

These changes showcase Google’s commitment to both user experience and security. By empowering Gemini and making dark web monitoring free, Google is making it easier for users to manage their time and protect their data.

Blight Mojave
Blight is an aspiring Samsung enthusiast and technology aficionado, dedicated to exploring the extraordinary realms facilitated by cutting-edge innovations. He is passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform industries, enhance human experiences, and shape a better future. Fascinated by the delicate beauty and he is captivating essence of flowers, finding solace in their presence. He is constantly seeking knowledge and growth, eager to connect with like-minded individuals and build meaningful relationships.