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Galaxy S23 Ultra flexes early muscle on Android 15 with One UI 7

Key takeaways:

  • Early Performance Benchmarks: Leaked benchmarks show the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra running Android 15 with One UI 7, hinting at potential performance improvements.
  • One UI 7 Release Timeline: Public rollout expected in late October, with beta testing starting in August for select users.
  • Expected Features: One UI 7 is rumored to offer a revamped UI inspired by One UI 6 Watch, a vertical app drawer, enhanced battery performance, and new AI features.

Samsung enthusiasts can rejoice! A recent leak on GeekBench has offered a tantalizing glimpse into the future of Galaxy software. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was spotted running an early build of Android 15 with Samsung’s next iteration of their custom interface, One UI 7. While these are preliminary benchmarks, they hint at potential performance improvements for the Galaxy S23 Ultra and other compatible devices.

The leaked benchmarks, credited to tipster @Tarunvats, showcase the Galaxy S23 Ultra achieving a single-core score of 1658 and a multi-core score of 4028. It’s important to remember that these scores are from early development stages and likely won’t reflect the final optimized performance. However, they do provide a promising indication of what users can expect from One UI 7 in terms of raw power.

While the benchmark itself doesn’t signify the imminent launch of a beta program, it serves as a sneak peek into the potential capabilities of One UI 7 for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Interestingly, the leak also included the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus running the same software combination, achieving even higher scores of 2114 in single-core and a staggering 6616 in multi-core.

Samsung officially unveiled One UI 7 during their SDC event on October 3rd, 2024, with a rollout anticipated later that month. The initial release will likely prioritize Samsung’s latest flagships, including the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy Z Flip 6, and Z Fold 6. To gather valuable user feedback and refine the software before the public launch, beta testing is expected to commence in August, allowing a select group of users to experience One UI 7 firsthand.

Beyond the performance improvements hinted at by the benchmarks, One UI 7 is rumored to introduce a plethora of exciting new features and enhancements. Reports suggest that users can expect a revamped user interface inspired by the sleek design of One UI 6 Watch.

Additionally, a vertical app drawer is on the horizon, potentially offering a more streamlined and intuitive app navigation experience. Battery life optimization is also a rumored focus, with One UI 7 aiming to deliver improved power efficiency for extended on-the-go use. The update is further expected to integrate new AI-powered functionalities, although the specifics of these features remain under wraps.

With the official launch date approaching and beta testing on the horizon, the future of Samsung software appears bright. The leaked benchmarks for the Galaxy S23 Ultra running One UI 7 are certainly encouraging, and the rumored features promise a significant upgrade to the user experience. Stay tuned for further updates as we inch closer to the official release of One UI 7!

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