Galaxy S25: Supercharged AI with Google’s secret weapon (Rumored)

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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S25 computers could bring an AI leap that will revolutionize the way they function, especially given the recent rumor that Samsung and Google are collaborating. The Exynos 2500 is reported to feature a Google Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), which will likely be present in some selected models.

TPU has technology that has made AI operations on mobile phones more efficient and faster which is currently only for Pixel phones. Try to replicate faster facial recognition, better-defined augmented reality, and the much-improved Google Assistant and it lives on your Galaxy S25.

However, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 still retains its position as one of the ones with the highest potential to succeed, but mainly because of the integrated TPU option for lateral learning tasks. This move could be influential to the survival of GMS on Samsung devices, which would likely reduce the overall peace of mind.

Even though it’s not what you want to hear, control your impulses. This is an unconfirmed story yet. In most regions, Samsung has provided chips through Qualcomm in the sub-range, Snapdragon and it seems that for the Ultra models, it will continue to use processors from the same company. We will wait until officials confirm whether AI payments will mean the rise of a new era of AI-powered mobile activities.

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