YouTube Music Now Playing Tab to soon get gradient background

YouTube Music is no stranger to innovation, and its latest experiment is sure to capture the attention of music enthusiasts. The popular music streaming app, YouTube Music is currently testing a gradient background for the Now Playing tab, promising to add a touch of vibrancy and aesthetics to the user experience.

As per the image inserted below, the new background is darker than before, and the white buttons for play/pause, next/back, shuffle, and repeat stand out more against the new background. Up Next, Lyrics, and Related are no longer housed in a sheet and now just float as gray text.

The buttons look out of place without a container. You can still swipe up from the bottom to easily open the queue instead of having to tap, though YTM has removed the pull tab indicator.

YouTube Music’s decision to experiment with a gradient background in the Now Playing tab is both a visual and user-centric one. Gradients, which blend two or more colors seamlessly, have been a popular design choice in recent years for their ability to add depth and vibrancy.

YouTube Music Now playing gradient background



Blight Mojave
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