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WhatsApp now available for Samsung Galaxy Watch running Wear OS

Popular social platform WhatsApp starts testing Wear OS-supported app, bringing a preview to Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 series. Thanks to the Wear OS-based One UI Watch operating system, Samsung wearables launched after Watch 4 rocking with the best third-party apps.

WhatsApp has opened the Beta testing activity for select smartwatches running Wear OS. Before you proceed, ensure otherwise your Android phone and watch are running version, otherwise, there will be sign-in issues, click here to sign up for Beta.

If you can’t find or install WhatsApp on your watch’s Play Store, install it from the listing on your Galaxy smartphone. The company notes that this version may be unstable, and certain data on your use of the app will be collected and shared with the developer.

WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy Watch UI

The initial variant of WhatsApp for Wear OS begins with a simple list of recent contacts with “Settings” and “Open on phone” rounding out this main page.

When you open a chat, you can scroll to see past messages, while you can reply by recording a voice message or opening the system keyboard.

When it comes to group chats, scrolling to the end allows you to see “People in this conversation,” as well as another “Open on phone.”

Be noted, the set-up process consists of entering an eight-digit code from your Galaxy Watch on the phone app. It brings a circular complication that shows how many unread messages you have.

Besides, there are two tiles for “WhatsApp contacts” to jump to a person, while “WhatsApp voice message” makes it possible to quickly start an audio recording.

WhatsApp Samsung Galaxy Watch

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