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WhatsApp is working to add a new premium subscription plan for your business account

WhatsApp has been upgraded to several units. How can a company forget the owner of a business account? Previous WhatsApp offers display images set to make your business more potential. In a recent development, WhatsApp is working on adding new subscription plans for Android, iOS, and desktop.

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The new premium plan subscription feature for business account holders is currently under development. The feature allows the use of more additional features, such as the ability to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. thanks to the multiple devices.

WhatsApp Premium allows users to connect and name 10 devices, so you can even rename your business devices to make them easier to remember. WhatsApp will offer the opportunity to create your own personalized business connection.

The company uses short links to allow customers to open and contact you with a link that includes their phone number, but WhatsApp Premium lets you create a custom link in your busniess account.

Establishing a business connection doesn’t mean that your business number is confidential. Custom business connections are a great way to reach your business link. The account manager can modify the custom name every 90 days.