Virtual Gamepad app makes cloud gaming a breeze

Do you have a Samsung Smart TV and love to play? You may have missed a hidden gem: there are virtual gamepad apps to choose from. An advanced app that turns your handset into a controller for the newly launched Samsung Gaming Hub will make this task easier.

Now is the era of unified controls, the cloud-based gaming industry no longer needs a controller for Samsung TV gamers. The virtual gamepad provides a convenient way to connect with friends, even if they’re not around. All you need is your cell phone. You can download our app (SmartThings One) and use your phone as a device to manage locks, lights, and temperature, among other things.

On the app, you have the opportunity to personalize 90 keys on the keyboard and enjoy real-time simulation. It blends well with your TV and works just like any other tactile person controller would. Drive directly to the Gaming Hub, play games in the cloud, or play Tizen OS games downloaded from the store—all from your smartphone!

This app is a perfect solution for casual gamers, both avid and new to the game. This adds up to the initial investment over purchasing a physical controller and allows you to view the full catalog of gaming-backed titles before making any decisions. Try before you buy!

The virtual gamepad serves not only accessibility but also device crowding. It is a multi-functional device that acts as both a television remote and a virtual wired controller, and it simplifies your entertainment by operating it under one gadget. So, Samsung TV owners would you rather forget about looking for a controller and opt to play games using the future of mobile gaming with the Virtual Gamepad?

Blight Mojave
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