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Three Google Maps updates enhance your travel experience

Three Google Maps updates enhance your travel experience

Three Google Maps updates enhance your travel experience

Summer is here and you’re ready for some adventures. But where do you want to go? What do you want to see? How do you want to get there? Don’t worry, Google Maps has you covered, as it has three amazing features that will make your trip planning and exploring easier and more fun.

Right now, Google is expanding three features including Immersive View to new cities and landmarks, introducing a simpler way to navigate, and updating Recents on desktop Google Maps. You can take a look at them.

Google Maps three features

Immersive View

You can now use Immersive View to see places in 3D on your phone. You can zoom in and out, look around, and get information about what you see. Google Maps has added four new cities (Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice), and over 500 iconic landmarks to Immersive View. For example, you can see the Faneuil Hall in Boston and check the weather, the crowd, and the restaurants nearby.

Glanceable directions

You can now see where to go next on your lock screen or route overview. You don’t need to use the full navigation mode. You can see how long it will take and where to turn. If you change your route, Google Maps will update it for you. Glanceable directions work for walking, cycling, and driving.


This feature is for saving and organizing places on a desktop. Google Maps will keep them in a list on the left side of your screen. You can remove places, plan multiple trips and share them with others. You can also make a custom route with three or more places and save it to your list.

These features will make your summer trips more fun and easy. Try them out today! For more details, you can visit here. You can download the update from Google Play Stor