The wait is over: One UI 6 stable update for Samsung Galaxy S23 starts rolling out today

Samsung Galaxy S23 May 2023 update US

Samsung Galaxy S23 users, the moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived, the One UI 6 stable update is now being rolled out, promising a slew of exciting new features, improvements, and enhancements to elevate your smartphone experience.

As per the input, the One UI 6 stable update for Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra devices with a PDA version S911BXXU3BWJM, S916BXXU3BWJM, and S918BXXU3BWJM respectively. It also carries an October 2023 security patch to optimize device security.

To be mentioned, the update is currently released in Germany and will be available to more country users including the US in the coming days. Or it may also happen that the Korean tech began expanding it to more users just a few hours after the initial rollout.

What’s new in One UI 6 

Samsung’s One UI 6 brings a plethora of fresh features and enhancements that aim to make your Galaxy S23 more powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly. Some of the highlights include:

New button layout –  The quick panel has a new layout that makes it easier to access the features you use most. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth now have their own dedicated buttons at the top of the screen, while visual features like Dark mode and Eye comfort shield have been moved to the bottom. Other quick settings buttons appear in a customizable area in the middle.

Simplified icon labels –  App icon labels are now limited to a single line for a cleaner and simpler look. “Galaxy” and “Samsung” have been removed from some app names to make them shorter and easier to scan

New default font – One UI 6 has a new default font with a more stylish and modern feel. You’ll see the new font if the default font is selected in Settings. If you’re using a different font, you’ll still see that font after upgrading to One UI 6.

Keep pop-up windows open – Instead of minimizing pop-up windows when you go to the Recents screen, pop-ups will now remain open after you leave the Recents screen so you can continue what you were working on.

Meet the new DeX for tablets – The new Samsung DeX lets you switch between DeX mode and tablet mode with the same Home screen layout. All of your usual apps, widgets, and icons are available in DeX. You can also use DeX in both landscape and portrait orientations if Auto Rotate is turned on for your tablet.

Now available on tablets – Connect your tablet to your Windows PC to check notifications and use apps from your tablet on your PC, transfer files between your devices, and more.

New emoji design –  Emojis that appear in your messages, social media posts, and elsewhere on your phone have been updated with a fresh new design.

Simple and intuitive design  – The overall layout of the Camera app has been simplified. Quick settings buttons at the top of the screen have been redesigned to be easier to understand.

Camera widgets customization – You can add custom camera widgets to your Home screen. You can set each widget to start in a specific shooting mode and save pictures in an album of your choice.

Galaxy S23 smartphone users just keep an eye out for the notification, or manually check for the update to enjoy all the benefits of One UI 6 on your handy gadget. Your smartphone is about to get even smarter.

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