Software update haunts Samsung displays again


Galaxy clubbers are up in arms again, this time after a software upgrade that sparked a major scare; A green or pink line continuously appears on the OLED screen. This is something Samsung will be familiar with, as previous models have been hit with similar reports for quite some time.

Meanwhile, people are starting to complain more than ever on various forums about the A73, M21, M52 5G, S21 series (including FE), S22 series, and Z Flip 3. This could be the reason behind UI 6.0 and multiple security updates from April 2024 onwards would be the real reason for this.

However, the green dot is probably not limited to Samsung, as other sources report this model to be more popular on their devices. This issue is coming up again and again and people blindly install updates while installing them to cover up or blame accidental damage. Once I think about it the truth slaps me in the face – the cost of replacing an OLED panel is about half the price of the phone!

The general absence of an effective solution and Samsung’s all-around support by consumers is a source of distrust for customers in this matter. It doesn’t matter to blame it on a panel, cable, or software bug because timely resolution with transparency wins. Samsung should make users trust them again by acknowledging the problem and providing a repair, whether it’s in the form of application enhancements, free display replacement, or clear explanations.

Blight is an aspiring Samsung enthusiast and technology aficionado, dedicated to exploring the extraordinary realms facilitated by cutting-edge innovations. He is passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform industries, enhance human experiences, and shape a better future. Fascinated by the delicate beauty and he is captivating essence of flowers, finding solace in their presence. He is constantly seeking knowledge and growth, eager to connect with like-minded individuals and build meaningful relationships.
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