Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Update
Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Update

Security on the Move: Samsung rolls out May 2024 updates for Galaxy A series

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest security updates from Samsung for their Galaxy A Series smartphones:

  • Galaxy A04s: Receives May 2024 security patch, improving system stability and fixing vulnerabilities. Update available in India currently, with rollout to other regions expected soon.
  • Galaxy A52 5G (US): Gains May 2024 security patch, enhancing security and stability for both carrier-locked and unlocked models in the United States.
  • Galaxy A73 5G (India): Now benefits from the May 2024 security patch, focusing on improved system security and stability. The update was initially released in Brazil, with a wider rollout anticipated.
    Deeper Dive

Let’s delve into the specifics for each phone:

Galaxy A04s (Quarterly Updates): This budget-friendly phone receives security updates every three months. The May 2024 patch addresses 45 security vulnerabilities, keeping your device protected. Look for the update notification in Settings > Software update > Download and install. Samsung is expected to release One UI 6.1 with Android 14 for the A04s soon, bringing new features but excluding Galaxy AI functionalities.

  • Galaxy A52 5G (US): This update brings the May 2024 security patch to both carrier-locked and unlocked variants in the US. Identified by firmware versions A526USQSDGXE2 and A526U1UESDGXE2 respectively, it strengthens system security and stability. As always, check for updates through Settings > Software update > Download and install.
  • Galaxy A73 5G (India): Initially rolled out in Brazil, the May 2024 security patch has arrived in India for the A73 5G. Version A736BXXS8EXE4 offers a comprehensive security and stability upgrade. Expect the update to reach other regions soon. While the changelog mentions general improvements, it primarily focuses on these core areas.

In Conclusion

Samsung is actively delivering security updates to its Galaxy A Series phones. While the June 2024 patch is currently limited to the Galaxy S24, the May 2024 patch provides significant security enhancements for the A04s, A52 5G (US), and A73 5G. Remember to check for updates on your device to benefit from these improvements.

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