Samsung S23 Ultra S-Pen disconnection

Samsung’s New 25W PD charger and S Pen Creator Edition | Exynos 1480 SoC packs AMD graphics

Samsung officially launched the new S Pen Creator Edition in South Korea. In addition, Samsung also introduced a new charging adapter – 25W PD Charger Energy Efficiency edition in the home country.

Standby power can be reduced from 20mW to 5mW when not charging to minimize power waste and save energy. Adding to this, it safely protects compatible devices from overcurrent as well as high temperatures and supports the USB 3.0 PD standard.


It’s available in Black and White colors, and the price is 33,000 won (~ $25) with C-type cable and 25,300 won (~ $19) without the cable.

Samsung 25W PD Charger Energy Efficiency

According to the company, the S Pen Creator Edition is a product optimized for drawing and writing prepared for consumers who need a premium S Pen for digital learning and personal creative activities. Notably, the stylus is not compatible with Galaxy Z Fold phones that support S Pen.


The product description mentions that the S Pen Creator Edition is compatible with the Galaxy S Ultra, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Book devices that support the S Pen function and comes with two extra pen tips and a replacement tool.

In South Korea, the S Pen Creator Edition is released in White color and is priced at 121,000 won (~ $90). Samsung’s S Pen Creator Edition is also available in other markets, too, including the UK (£99) and the US ($110).

Exynos 1480 SoC packs AMD graphics:

It looks like Samsung is going to launch the Exynos 1480 processor with AMD graphics – Xclipse 530 GPU. As spotted by tipster @Tech_Reve, the Exynos 1480 will come with AMD graphics (Xclipse 530 GPU).

The benchmark shows that Samsung’s Exynos 1480 SoC has eight cores, four clocked at 2.75GHz and four at 2.05GHz, and an Xclipse 530 GPU. This GPU will be based on the RDNA 2 architecture, the same as the Xclipse 920 that debuted with the Galaxy S22 series.