Samsung’s game changer: 5G modem with satellite SOS


Say goodbye to dead zones and say goodbye to places where there is no life! S Phenomenon Aligning 5G has demonstrated the world’s first 5G simultaneous satellite communications capability paired with ForeGrossCom. Now, the state-of-the-art chip designed will provide reliable connections even at the far end of the world; You will see that there has been a communication revolution.

Imagine you’re separated from your group while hiking and you have a phone that’s turned off. Based on Exynos 5400, you have the opportunity to take care of SOS messages, and access help and rescue via satellite dish. By integrating NB-IoT and NR-NTN networks, the mobile base station will have combined capabilities of IoT and terrestrial networks for the first time.

but that’s not all. Acclaimed for its superb speedway, the Exynos 5400 can fly at the digital level with an excellent download peak of 14.79 Gbps. For this, bandwidth and frequencies are used jointly through a combination of several bands. Interestingly, Samsung used the more reliable FR1 band for its better performance, which managed to deliver faster speeds i.e. 11.2 Gbps mark, which is the first seen in the industry.

Furthermore, the short-step (4nm EUV) manufacturing process makes this modem very energy-efficient, which will bring longer battery life to your devices. But, as with this modem in the Galaxy S24 range, it doesn’t take advantage of satellite connectivity yet.

This launch could put mobile technology on the map. The Exynos 5400 will not only provide a non-stop connection but will also offer negative data transfer speeds which will usher in a new level of security features in the smartphone market and leave behind a true game changer.

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