Samsung TV Plus new update enhances browsing and content sharing

Samsung TV Plus programs

The South Korean tech giant released a new update for Samsung TV Plus, which brings UI enhancements and new features, aimed at streamlining content discovery and elevating the browsing and content-sharing experience. a

As per the details, the update offers a modified home screen to provide an overview of content available for viewing. In addition to popular titles and recently watched content. The redesigned UI also features newly added categories on the left side of the home screen to include sections such as Live TV, Movies/TV Shows, Music, Kids and Settings, and more.

Moving on, the region-specific tabs have been added based on each region’s content catalog and user preference to meet the needs of different markets such as the music tab for the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, kids tab for the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Mexico, India and News tab for India with multilingual support.

It further offers larger UI elements to improve the browsing experience, allowing users to easily navigate through an ever-expanding library of TV channels. Not only this, but it also expands the Video on Demand (VOD) offerings and features of Samsung TV Plus.


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