Samsung to expand JDM smartphone shipments to 70 million units

As per the new report, Samsung has expanded the size of JDM to 70 million units for Chinese companies to produce smartphones. This is 20 million more than expected. This is in contrast to Apple, which increased production by 10 million units on the best iPhone 13 series during the off-season in the second quarter.

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Samsung has grown the number of smartphones jointly produced by WingTech and Huaqin in China by 20 million units. The company is said to have switched to JDM for the mid-range Galaxy A04 smartphone and its derivative Galaxy A04s model was originally planned to be self-manufactured.


Samsung increases JDM shipments:

In the initial business plan, Samsung plans to internally produce 8.1 million Galaxy A04s, up from 3.1 million units in the third quarter and 5 million units in the fourth quarter.

Domestic production of the Galaxy A04s is projected to be 12.5 million units, including 5.5 million units in the third quarter and 7 million units in the fourth quarter. The total of the two models is 20.6 million units. As Samsung spent 20.6 million units on JDM, the total amount of JDM increased from 50 million units to 70 million units.

Samsung initially intended to produce four smartphones – Galaxy A03 (15.3 million units), A03S (6.3 million units), A03 Core (18.7 million units), and A22 5G (8.7 million units). If you add 20.6 million units converted to JDM in a total of 49 million units in the four models, 69.6 million units are close to 70 million units.

As Samsung raises its JDM shipments, Apple boosted its production plans for the iPhone 13 series top-line lineup last year by 10 million units in the second quarter of the holiday season. A further increase in Apple’s production plans for its Pro lineup in the second quarter, which is the holiday season, is said to have led to better sales of the iPhone 13 series.