Samsung sues China’s BOE over iPhone display patents

Samsung sues China’s BOE over iPhone display patents

Samsung sues China’s BOE over iPhone display patents

In the recent past, Chinese display manufacturer BOE sued Samsung for patent and technology infringement. Now, Samsung Display has stepped up its fight against BOE over display panels taking its first legal action over patent infringement for iPhone 12 OLED screens.

According to KEDGlobal, Samsung Display lodged a lawsuit against BOE with the Texas Eastern District Court on June 26. It was the first time the South Korean display manufacturer took direct aim at the Chinese archrival in their patent row.

It’s important to mention that their patent dispute began when Samsung was informed that copycat OLED panels produced by Chinese companies were used as a replacement for original Samsung OLED screens for iPhone 12 at US smartphone repair shops.

Adding to this, Apple’s iPhone 12 users were allowed to choose between the copycat Chinese screens or Samsung’s at independent repair centers. The Galaxy-maker confirmed that the Chinese replacement copied its four patented OLED technologies.

Samsung argued the panels and parts were based entirely on its sophisticated OLED patents. It requested the tribunal to ban 17 US smartphone parts wholesalers, including MobileSentrix, Injured Gadget, and DFW Cellphones & Parts, from importing such panels that use its patented technology into the US.

Their intensifying legal dispute highlights China’s efforts to eat away at Samsung’s dominance in the OLED panel market. In the LCD market, Samsung was overtaken by BOE as the world’s No. 1 player in 2021, giving up its 17-year-long supremacy.