Samsung reported to launch Galaxy Book 4 Series on December 15

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 design specs

We have seen various leaks and rumors about the next Galaxy Book lineup so far. Meanwhile, a recent report claims that the South Korean tech giant is reportedly planning to unveil its Galaxy Book 4 series on December 15, 2023, as the world’s first AI laptop.

According to the information of Korean media outlet Yonhap News, Samsung Electronics will introduce the flagship laptop Galaxy Book 4, Book 4 Pro, Book 4 Ultra, Book 4 360, and Book 4 Pro 360 equipped with Intel’s next-generation processor Core Ultra on December 15, 2023. 

Notably, the Galaxy Book 3 Series was launched in February this year, and the release date of the next laptop lineup was brought forward by about a month and a half, which is interpreted as a strategy to secure the symbolism of being the first AI laptop.

The firm is expected to apply on-device AI using its self-generated AI model ‘Samsung Gauss’ to the Galaxy Book 4 series. On-device AI does not require the collected information to be transmitted to a central server, it offers fast processing speed and strong security.

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